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The only currency you need for travel is your talent, we match your profile with projects, hosts, and companies around the world.

There is million people, families, companies, organisations, municipalities, etc that need people with unique talents, we match the talent with the destination of the projects. The perfect match.

  • Offer your talent or your acommodation.
  • We match traveler talent's with local projects.
  • See the destinations or travellers offer.
  • Help locals and get local experiences.

We work together as a passionate group of travellers and locals

We make the biggets effort to match your talent with the perfect local at the destination you going to travel, and bring the best traveller that help with your project. We are working in a personalised services until we will release our high impact marketplate in 2020. Come and join us to change the travel market. Publish the specific profile people you need or the host would you like to help. We have chateaux, penthouses, five stars hotels, beach houses, remote places, innovative companies, and more.

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Our team match the best professionals with the best projects worldwide.

We are developing the coolest, and unique way to travel the world, meanwhile, we help local families, companies, municipalities in their projects.